We have moved 🙂

This is the last post for Basingstoke Astronomy Society that will be made on this site. A new, brighter and more informative site has been created and is now live along with a facebook presence.

Please update your browser links to make sure you arrive at our new site. The address is www.basingstokeas.org.uk

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Persieds 2012

The society will be having an event at the school as usual this year. This will take place on Saturday 11th August. Please do note that it is listed in the Sky at Night as being on the Sunday – this is incorrect.

Do remember that even though it is summer (in name anyway!!) this event is weather dependent. In any case, even though it is summer, it can get cold once the sun goes down if the sky is clear. Bring layers of clothing you can put on as required and try to bring a chair or recliner that will allow you to comfortably look up for an extended period.

Put it in your diary – Saturday August 11th 2012

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The annual BAS BBQ takes place on Saturday 28th July starting at 7pm. Dave Shave-Wall is hosting this years event and we look forward to seeing as many members and their families as possible. Contrary to the pessimistic weather reports of recent months I am reliably informed that this will be a gorgeous summers evening with a spectacular sunset and warm evening temperatures. Miss it at your own risk 🙂

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Venus transit

For those of you who missed the transit today, including the brave souls who went up to the school just to see the sun rise behind clouds



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Intech Thursday

Hi Guys,

There is an event at Intech tomorrow (Thurs 3/5/12) about Robots, including a lecture by Prof Peter McOwen called Living with Robots. Starts at 6pm, cost is ÂŁ6.50 and includes one planetarium show.

It is adults only.




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Break in at the Astronomy Centre Todmorden

There has been a break in at the Astronomy Centre Todmorden

Unfortunately a lot of kit has been stolen. A full inventory will follow. This is a public outreach facility and is Peter Drew’s life work. This is a big blow for the club.

Please be on the lookout for new ads for Coronado scopes and Solar scopes that have been modified. Large refracting binoculars and large reflecting binoculars in particular. Please pass the word and inform the police and the Astronomy Centre if you have your suspicions.

If you can help by putting up warnings on any of the Astronomy forums, that will be appreciated.
Thank you,

David Dench


So far, the list comprises:-

Unique 6" F8 refracting Binocular telescope
Unique 6" F8 reflectng binocular telescope
12" Meade LX200 OTA
6" F8 black Helios refractor modded Ha scope
6" F8 blue Skywatcher refractor
3 Coronado PST bodies
2 black EQ6 mounts
1 white EQ6 Pro mount

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Dark skies in Namibia

Found this time lapse video taken under the skies in Namibia. Enjoy and be jealous




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Canon 60Da DSLR for Astrophotography

Canon releases the follow on to the 20Da

Details here

How long before Bob or Tim has one in their hands?

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